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Career Development from Mark Dekutoski

November 17, 2016
A firm belief in good work ethics as well as determination and innovation is a recipe for success when it comes to business. The development of a career says a great deal about a professional and their reputation and practices are the fruit of that development. If one is prone to change job locations often, this can be a reflection of their work ethic and style that reflects negatively on their reputation. If one has a record of staying at places for a reasonable amount of time, it shows loyalty and consistency of work.

In the case of Mark Dekutoski, one can clearly see that he is a devoted orthopedic spinal surgeon that has impeccable work ethic, reputation and resolve. Not only does he have more than twenty years of experience in the orthopedic medical field both in practice and research, before moving to The CORE Institute, his current place of practice, he previously practiced at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The longevity of his time spent at the Mayo Clinic speaks volumes to the type of work he puts in as well as to his dedication to his research and field. During his career, Mark Dekutoski developed the posterior percutaneous instrumentation Longitude and pioneered percutaneous deformity, tumor and trauma techniques all while practicing medicine. He is excited to bring the skills he has developed to the team at The CORE Institute and continue to work hard in his chosen field.